Are you a graduate influencer?

LinkedIn is like working out…you only get out of it what you put into it. Becoming a graduate influencer can take some time, but the results are worth it. Setting up and forgetting your profile is kind of like buying a gym membership, then never even putting on your exercise gear.

Through Module 7 of The Successful Graduate Course, you’re guaranteed to attain LinkedIn’s elusive All-Star status. Then here’s how easy it is to give even just your newsfeed a workout – and reap regular results:

1. Curate your content

Workout: By following some influencers, then scanning the topics in your news feed, you’ll stay aware of global professional issues.

Result: This broad career-related understanding is important to being a well-rounded candidate.

2. Dig deeper

Workout: Your Connections’ posts are likely to link to carefully selected third party content, so by clicking straight through, you can access up-to-date, industry-specific insights.

Result: Gain useful conversation starters for networking situations.

3. Appear engaged

Workout: by simply liking, congratulating and sharing posts, you’ll appear routinely in the newsfeeds of your Connections.

Result: Remaining at the forefront of people’s minds is particularly handy if anyone hears of a job opportunity possibly suited to your skillset.

4. Post it

Workout: Multiply the reach of your in-person networking by posting about professional events you’re attending.

Result: You’ll demonstrate you’re proactive, and potentially attract more event invitations as a result.

5. Set and check notifications

Workout: LinkedIn’s still not quite as addictive as Facebook (!), so make it even easier by signing up for customisable newsfeed digests via email rather than individual notifications via your mobile or the LinkedIn app.

Result: Free up more time for all those other aspects of job seeking!

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