Delivering ROI to Your Institution





Analytics & Reporting

We offer monthly reports that contain all the data you need to report on the ROI related to your Successful Graduate platform. Reports are available on course user registrations, course progress, user geolocation, time on site, user feedback, session duration, new vs old users, traffic acquisition and site heatmaps. Your platform will house its own secure database of users, supporting your student acquisition and retention initiatives.

Commencement & Completion


On a monthly basis, we prepare a report on your platform’s usage. You will receive a detailed breakdown of student course commencements and completions within that reporting period, as well as a secure database of student details received upon registration. Use this data to track usage, and combine with your institution’s CRM.

User Insights


Our software can track a variety of characteristics about site users. In addition to the usual Google Analytics data, we can also include insights about user country, city, course registration dates, course completion dates and student feedback.



Some customers like to see where their students are when they access platform material. Our system can report geolocation mapping and provide summary data of student locations around the world.

Registered Users

One student account, multiple courses.

Students register one account and then can access multiple courses at your discretion with supplied coupon codes.

Any internet connected device, including mobile.

Our platforms are optimised for all screen types, and allow students to access their training account on any device. On the bus, at home, in the library, it’s all good.

Regular (monthly) reporting on user activity.

We supply the who, where, when and how of your user activity once a month.