Case Study - International Student Acquisition and Retention

Australian Catholic University





Case Study

Australian Catholic University has contracted Successful Graduate to support the international student acquisition and retention process.

ACU is ranked first in Australia for graduate employment. (Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal 2022, medium-term, full-time employment 2020–2022 for domestic undergraduate students). We are proud to directly support this ranking with our products.

Our platform is being utilised to support student preparation across key stages of the student acquisition lifecycle, and is also helping to support student retention through the release of employability material for first year students.

Adapted to enable third party access.

Future students with this client are able to access our materials through a contracted third party (QS). This party encourages students who are at key stages of enrolment with ACU to complete our courses on the contracted ACU Successful Graduate site. These students complete our products as incentives to confirm their enrolment.

Enrolment Incentive

One objective being met by the installation is the increase in confirmed international student enrolments. Successful Graduate courses are being deployed to future students at different stages of the enrolment process. Conditional and unconditional offer holders are registered for our products when confirming their enrolment with ACU.

Postgraduate student recruitment

Postgraduate ACU international students are offered our 5 Steps to Self Leadership Mastery course as an incentive to confirm their enrolment with the university. All international Masters students are advised about the course in their letter of offer. Course access is released upon confirmation of enrolment.

Diverse Campus Locations

ACU now boasts 8 different campus locations – 7 across Australia (Ballarat, Blacktown, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, North Sydney, Strathfield), and a new campus in Rome. Regardless of their location, all future and first year international students have access to our Successful Graduate platform.

Improving quality applications.

Integration with third party enrolment service provider.

Demonstrably supporting client student retention strategy.