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CQUniversity Australia

Case Study

CQUniversity Australia has ranked second in Australia for full-time employment rates in the latest national Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) results. The 2021 GOS shows that full-time employment four months after graduating from CQUniversity, increased from 73 per cent in 2020 to 83.4 per cent in 2021.

Their graduates have some of the best employment outcomes in the country, achieving higher starting salaries than the national average (ComparED 2020). The University is also rated in the world’s top 2% for graduate employment (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020).

Our platform for CQUniversity has been built to support international student employability across three key stages of the student lifecycle: student attraction, student retention and improving graduate outcome.

Incentivising international student acquisition.

Our course materials have been adapted to suit international students who are located overseas and in campus locations across Australia.

It is a pleasure to work with a University that has such a positive track record related to student employability. By engaging Successful Graduate, CQUniversity is demonstrating its commitment to the employability of its international students.

CQUniversity Brand

The University marketing team supplied us with their brand guidelines, colours, fonts, images and logos. We did the rest!

The platform we built for them is instantly recognisable, and is updated regularly to reflect marketing campaigns and messaging.

Diverse Student Locations

With international students located in multiple offshore locations, and other students located in a range of campus locations across Australia, we were able to build 1 employabliity portal for them all to access.

Enrolment Incentive

Our latest campaigns with CQUniversity have been incentivising hundreds of international students to enrol with the client, by providing targeted access to our Pre-Departure Course for International Students and the Finding Part-Time Work While Studying Course, all using the 1 student account.

Incentivising student acquisition.

Supporting student retention.

Delivering job-ready graduates.