Case Study - Subcontinental Students and Agents

ETS India





Case Study

Our initial discussions with ETS began in 2021, when this client approached us to support the uptake of ETS TOEFL® products in India. Our programs have been deployed to support ETS relationships with education agent counsellors and students in India.

As one of the largest English proficiency test providers in the subcontinent, ETS is highly engaged in the largest growing international student market in the world.

Our platform is being utilised to support student employability across key stages of the student lifecycle, and is also helping to promote high quality agent counsellor engagement in the region.

Adapted to support agent counsellors and students.

Our course materials have been adapted to suit agent counsellor training as well as international students who are located across a geographically diverse area.

We will soon be supporting this client with its work in other key destination markets.

ETS Brand

This globally renowned client supplied us with their brand guidelines, colours, fonts, images and logos. We have then worked with their marketing team to bring this installation to life in a variety of meaningful ways, serving a mixed b2b and b2c audience. Some of our courses have been customised to suit the client’s specific needs and audience location.

Diverse Student Locations

With international student enrolments out of the subcontinent growing at an unprecedented rate, the conversation in the education industry is shifting to improving the quality of student applications. Our work with ETS across the subcontinent is designed to help deliver high quality student applications into Australia, and other markets.

TOEFL® Incentive

One objective being met by the installation is the uptake of TOEFL® test products by students in the region. Successful Graduate courses are being deployed to test takers, thereby improving the employability and English language standards of students at the same time. This is great news for education providers who will receive applications from these students!

Improving quality applications.

Supporting education agent counsellor knowledge.

Delivering employability training over a massive region.