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TAFE Queensland

Case Study

We are delighted to have worked with this client since 2017. Our programs have been deployed to a variety of student cohorts across the State, and overseas.

As the largest vocational education provider in the State of Queensland, Australia, TAFE Queensland has more than 125,000 student enrolments each year.

Our platform was utilised to support vocational student employability across three key stages of the student lifecycle: international student attraction, student retention and improving student graduate outcomes.

Adapted to cohorts, regions and industries.

Our course materials have been adapted to suit domestic and international vocational students who are located across a geographically diverse area.

We have also adapted learning materials to suit certain industry sectors.

TAFE Queensland Brand

This amazing client supplied us with their brand guidelines, colours, fonts, images and logos. We have then worked with the TAFE Queensland marketing team, international team, commercial team, multiple campus teams, TAFE at School team and Executive team to bring this installation to life in a variety of meaningful ways.

Diverse Student Locations

With international students unable to enter Australia during the pandemic, and other students located in 50 study locations across the State, we were able to build 1 employabliity portal for them all to access.

Enrolment Incentive

Our latest campaigns with TAFE Queensland incentivised international students to enrol with the client, by providing targeted access to our Pre-Departure Program for International Students, and Finding Part-Time Work While Studying Program. Enrolled students were rewarded with further employability training that prepared them for the graduate job market, all using the 1 student account.

TAFE Queensland student testimonial.

Yanish was employed at an engineering firm less than one week after taking our training.

Incentivising student acquisition.

Supporting student retention.

Delivering job-ready graduates.