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Case Study

UOW has focused its attention upon supporting its future international students with preparation for life in Australia.

International students enrolling to study with the University of Wollongong have an excellent opportunity to gain a world-class education and develop important life and career skills.

To make the most of this opportunity, the University encourages its future students to use the resources on our platform and to take the time to prepare their academic skills, pre-departure knowledge, and employability skills.

Investing in these areas will help UOW students to make the most of your University education, better integrate into the community, and enhance their future career prospects.

Incentivising international student acquisition.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) and UOW College Australia (UOWC) have partnered with Successful Graduate to deliver a collection of carefully tailored courses specific to international students. These free courses are designed to help students prepare for student life in Australia and the employment opportunities that await.

UOW Brand

The University marketing team supplied us with their brand guidelines, colours, fonts, images and logos. We did the rest!

The platform we built for them is instantly recognisable, and is updated regularly to reflect marketing campaigns and messaging.

Regional support

A high priority for this installation was to deliver realistic information to future students about skills priorities in Wollongong. By working with stakeholders such as Study NSW and regional employers, we have delivered a bespoke Regional Career Preparation Course that supports the delivery of graduate skills in Nursing and Teaching disciplines. Both of these are urgent entries on the National Skills Priorities List.

Enrolment Incentive

UOW has launched a series of campaigns that have incentivised hundreds of international students to learn about enrolling with the client, by providing targeted access to our Pre-Departure Course for International Students and the Academic Readiness Course, all using the 1 student account.

Incentivising student acquisition.

Supporting priority industries.

Delivering graduate support to regional economies.