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Employability Grants




Employability Grants

Successful Graduate and Edified team up each year to provide an employability grant to the most worthy international student submissions. Our involement provides an opportunity to reward international students who have their own ideas about improving employment outcomes at scale. It is such a rewarding experience!

Edified Energiser Grants (EEGs) are worth AU $5,000 each and are awarded to individuals or groups with a compelling plan to improve education for their community. The plan could be small – becoming a teacher in the community. It could be a grand plan – creating a new EdTech platform to bring free education to the world. Or anything in between. What’s important is that the plan is compelling and that we can see the vision and capability to make it happen.

What we ask for:
  • Contact details
  • Education details and evidence of your enrolment or graduation
  • A short bio
  • Your plan in 2000 words or less
  • Which category you are applying for
  • How the grant will help you achieve your plan

2023 Winner

Capacity building through education and employment opportunities

Ngutu College is an independent, not-for-profit, socially-just college in Woodville North. Ngutu provides opportunities for young people to achieve success through positive academic, vocational and community outcomes with Aboriginal cultures at the soul. The Ngutu café project aligns with this mission by offering practical training experience to disadvantaged young people and parents in the areas of food service, customer service, and retail.

They are renovating an existing school building into a social enterprise; an onsite café and shop selling ethically produced food and other products produced by young people and parents to support pathways towards qualifications and employment. Funding provided by Edified will enable the young people to have the training to become qualified Baristas.

2022 Winner

Primus English Program to Assist Refugees from Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has imposed unbelievable suffering and hardship on people of Ukraine. Thousands of citizens have fled security of their homeland as refugees, and many have come to the safety and warmth of Australia. They face new challenges here including poor English language proficiency, social isolation, little understanding of local customs, etc. Ravi, Caroline and Andrew approached prominent Australian Ukrainians to determine how they could help using their long experience and resources in teaching English to build the first bridge to our society. They also discovered that a potential student cohort was spread in Victoria, NSW and SA. They quickly put together a teacher-led live online program based on Intermediate level General English and added elements of business to the package. The Energiser Award is making it possible to keep going and adding other professional English elements.

2021 Winner

The Academic Success Mentorship and Career Guidance Project

Final year students at senior high schools (SHS) in northern Ghana usually wonder what is next for them after school, and begs the question, what would I be doing after school? Should I move to the southern sector to look for greener pastures? Or should I go and get myself married since I have no plans after school?  This project aims to fill that gap and it is projected to impact over 5000 final year students in senior high schools in Ghana to prepare their minds for life after SHS and to help them make informed decisions in their career path.