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The Successful Graduate Course guides you through the process, preparing you for employment. Take the hard work and uncertainty out of applying for a job. Become a Successful Graduate.


Graduate employability training to suit employers and recruiters

If your organisation struggles to cope with the large quantity of low-quality graduate job applications, you are not alone. Graduate recruitment has become increasingly competitive over the past decade, yet it seems that more students than ever present unsatisfactory job applications.

Successful Graduate has developed online graduate employability training to suit employers. Our training helps to guide students and graduates through the job application process. We take each graduate at face value, and step them through our career preparation tools. Graduates are provided with a process that develops their self awareness and teaches them how to present their personal and professional attributes to employers.

By encouraging your job applicants to join Successful Graduate, your organisation will benefit by receiving high quality job applications and by giving each applicant the best chance they can have at submitting the best job application that they can produce.

Successful Graduate is a resource that provides employability resources to enable candidates who are aspiring to join your organisation to present their professional skills the way you need them to.

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employability training for employers

We offer graduate employability training to suit employers and recruiters.

We provide the training system that will enable your organisation to attract high quality graduate job applications.

No more missing out on the best candidates who just haven’t learned how to write a job application yet.

No more wasted hours sorting good applications from bad. Graduate recruitment just got easier.

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