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Too many graduates expect to walk straight into their dream job. Successful graduates understand that the key to beginning a great career is to get on the ladder as soon as possible, no matter how low the first rung is. Once you are employed, you are more employable.

Recruiters prefer to hire graduates with recent work experience, even if it is employment outside their field of study, a work placement or an internship. The reason for this is simple – they recognise that these graduates have already convinced another employer that they are worth hiring. Further, they have also gained an immeasurable advantage over other graduates by starting to develop a large range of additional employability skills and attributes, such as their interpersonal skills, punctuality, communication ability, and appreciation for team work.

The first step is to prepare yourself to get whatever job you can, preferably in your last year of study. Students who do any type of work in the final year of their studies are more likely to be employed full-time after graduation than those students who do not work while finishing their studies.

To secure your first position, you can fast track many of these skills by becoming a member and completing the Successful Graduate course. Whether you are seeking part-time or full-time work while completing your studies, or are looking to secure your first graduate position, the Successful Graduate course has been carefully tailored to help you prepare a range of communication devices that you will use to secure employment.


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