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We are excited that you have decided to access our Successful Graduate podcasts.

Here you will find our podcast bank, which provides you with interviews with industry professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Each podcast has been recorded with you in mind, and lasts around 15-30 minutes. Listen to them while you are on the go.

We have designed each podcast to provide you with advice on the most relevant topics. Whether you need help with interview techniques, learning how to establish and access your professional network, or to learn what employers are looking for in a graduate, stay tuned for our regular podcasts.

Successful Graduate Podcasts

Successful Graduate podcast

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Series 1.

Podcast 01 The noise about graduate employability.

Anton interviews Gordon Scott, Managing Director of Successful Graduate.

Podcast 02  LinkedIn Makeover (Members Only)

Anna McLoed, Team Leader Business Development at Navitas, walks Anton through how first year student Emi can go from a good LinkedIn profile to a great profile.

Podcast 03 The Job Interview

Sinead Hourigan, Director of recruitment agency Robert Walters, tells Anton what grads should be doing to prepare for a job interview, what they should do during the interview and finally what they definitely should not do during a job interview.

Podcast 04 Fail.

After a botched recorded interview, Anton goes through some of his and his friend’s professional failures. Laugh and cringe at some noteworthy career mistakes from industry professionals.

Series 2.

Podcast S02 Episode 01 – Welcome to Season 2.

Kicking of season 2 of our podcast series, Anton updates our listeners about our activities since our last series, and reflects upon some common characteristics of the many graduates we have met along the way. One of these may surprise you.

Podcast S02 Episode 01 – Transient Migration and Employability.

There are other opportunities that you can pursue to start your career. In this episode, Anton interviews Catherine Gomes from RMIT while in Wellington, New Zealand about transient migration as a graduate (which is defined as temporary migration to gain work experience).