Welcome to The Finding Part-Time Work Course!

In this module we get right down to business, outlining key basics related to work permissions, industries that are hiring and different types of employment that exist in Australia. This course will help you to apply for part-time or casual work while studying.

In this course you will find:

Resources designed by industry experts

The hard work has been done for you by industry experts, including:


  • Understanding which industries are hiring right now
  • Cover letters, job applications and your resume
  • Tidying your social media presence
  • Networking
  • Job interview skills
  • Work rights and permissions in Australia
  • Developing confidence, resilience and persistence to help you find work

Comprehensive step-by-step training modules

Each module consists of several units that contain both theoretical and practical content:

  • At the conclusion of each module, you will be asked to complete a quiz based upon the summary of each module
  • You will need to score a minimum grade of 50% for every quiz in order to pass the course
  • Each unit needs to be completed in succession as your progress through the course – click the ‘mark completed’ button to progress



A Successful Graduate Certificate upon completion

Add your certificate to your CV or resume, and post it directly to your LinkedIn profile upon completion



So let’s get started!

You can either mark this unit as complete at the very bottom of this page, or navigate through the full list of course units below (after clicking on your course title). Remember to mark units as completed while you work your way through the material.

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