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NAFSA 2017

Well we had a ball during NAFSA 2017.
Successful Graduate is an Australian company providing online training that teaches international and domestic students how to apply for a job. In less than a day, your students and alumni will gain personal insight, confidence and knowledge needed to become expert job candidates.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting delegates at the NAFSA conference in Los Angeles this year.

Our core product, the Successful Graduate course, provides 10 modules of online training that teaches students how to apply for a job. You might like to offer this course as part of your applications process, embed it within your curriculum, or offer it to graduates and alumni.

We held so many meetings with interested organisations at the conference and have been overwhelmed with interest. Thank you so much for your positive feedback about our products!

If you are interested in talking about a student and graduate employability preparation solution for your clients (that can be offered on a revenue share basis or as a licensed product), please get in touch.

Please email gordon@successfulgraduate.com

Or text +61 417 600 290

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En Rui Foo Successful Graduate“I have completed the course and really enjoyed doing it. It was very informative and provided some thought-provoking questions for myself. For instance, I started to put thought into what my 5 core values are and if I am applying them appropriately in my current job/workplace. It is definitely important to be clear about my beliefs in order to sell myself better. In addition, I never knew I could negotiate my package for a graduate position! I was always under the impression that graduates should take what they are offered.  :)”

En Rui Foo


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