Financial Fitness Course

Time is our most precious resource. Spend a little of it learning to make your money work for you and you’ll end up having more time in the future to spend as you please. Otherwise you’ll be working for your money for many years to come. And by improving your mental fitness, you’ll find peak financial fitness much easier to achieve. Indeed our mind is our greatest piece of real estate when it comes to financial investments.

financial fitness courseLarissa Zimmerman, the founder of National Financial Fitness (NFF, 2004) is the only Australian to have the Diploma of Financial Services (Consumer Education). NFF was selected for the small ASIC Panel of Financial Literacy Experts (now obsolete), in 2011 due to their above national average results.

Happy financial New Year!

I’m not sure whether we’re more excited that months of work putting this Financial Fitness course online has come to an end, ….. or that we can finally share what others have learned face to face since 2004 with the world, day or night! Thank you to those who Beta tested our online course when it was three modules! Before it gets promoted via other channels, we are looking for Beta testers for the eight module program. Each module has three units with most units able to be completed within 20 minutes.


The modules are:


1. Introduction to the BIG Picture

2. Our Relationship with Money

3. The Basic Budgeting (BB) Process

4. Making Money Fun!

5. Conscious Consumerism

6. C & D (Credit & Debt)

7. SMARTER Financial Goal Setting

8. Bringing it all together


And I warn you. You’ll see some raw, thought provoking videos, which we’re happy to receive feedback on. If you have any questions please ask and here’s a testimonial from the three modules course:

“As a book keeper I have discussions frequently with business owners regarding the lack of financial literacy and capability of their staff. Having met Larissa and knowing that she practices what she preaches, I thought I would see what the online course was like. While the information may seem simple for finance professionals, it is very well structured and just what is needed for people starting out on their financial path, regardless of age. I recommend doing the course as it will provide a great return on investment for the rest of your life.”

Jeannette Dibley, Northern Rivers Bookkeeping Services Pty Ltd


If you don’t enrol in the course may we recommend you look into these areas of your financial life anyway, as the statistic of only 5-6% of the population being comfortable at retirement hasn’t changed over the decades (unfortunately). The introductory price of $59 will be available until the End of July. From 1 August the price will increase and the course will be going onto a TAFE Queensland website. Thank you in advance to those who enrol and I hope you’ve had a great start to the new Financial Year!

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