Micro Course – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

According to the ABC, young people are taking 2.6 years to find full time work after completing full-time study. Almost 1 in 3 are underemployed or unemployed, according to research from the Foundation for Young Australians.

Finding work as a graduate can be tough. A brand new study in Australia has identified that employers now rate critical thinking and problem solving as the most common skills missing in graduates. You can listen to more about this study here.

This Micro Course has been designed by industry experts to help you to obtain these skills. The course was recently deployed across the State of NEw South Wales with a 100% satisfaction rate by students. Most importantly, every student who took the course considers themselves to be more employable as a result of what they have learned.

If you want to make yourself a proper employee then do the course now.


This course covers the basic prerequisites an employer looks for in their potential employee.


This will really help you improve your critical thinking skills.


It is clear, it is explained in plain English, and it opens your mind to consider different skills you must have in your CV.


Once you have completed this short course, you can add our Successful Graduate micro credential to your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating to employers that you have critical thinking and problem solving skills.


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