Successful Graduate Premium Membership

Successful Graduate Premium Membership (Annual)

$199 for unlimited access

$199 provides you with unlimited access to the entire Successful Graduate course.

  • Enjoy unlimited course access
  • Take your time completing and revisiting the Successful Graduate course
  • Access the complete Successful Graduate Knowledge Bank with feature articles, podcasts and newsletters.

Course includes:

  • Module 1 – So what do you bring to the role: EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS & POSITION DESCRIPTIONS
  • Module 3 – Riding in elevators: YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION & NETWORKING
  • Module 4 – The path to success: CONFIDENCE & RESILIENCE
  • Module 5 – Pleased to meet you: YOUR WRITTEN APPLICATION
  • Module 6 – So tell me all about yourself: YOUR INTERVIEW
  • Module 7 – Hey now, you’re an All-Star: LINKEDIN & PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
  • Module 8 – Perception versus reality: SOCIAL MEDIA & PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION
  • Module 9 – Signing up: NEGOTIATING YOUR OFFER
  • Module 10 – Being the new kid on the block: YOUR FIRST DAY AT WORK

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