Successful Intern Course

Our new Successful Intern Course has been written by Dr Catherine Hughes of Grow Careers Pty Ltd. Dr Hughes is a CDAA member and professional careers counsellor.

The hard work has been done for you, and the Course teaches your students:

  • How to get an internship
  • Who am I and what are my internship goals
  • Researching and choosing your internships
  • Cover letters, job applications and your targeted cv
  • The interview process
  • Internship learning outcomes
  • Managing your relationships
  • Transferring your internships to the job market

Students receive a Successful Intern workbook and a course certificate upon completion.

To learn more about using this product at scale to support internship or work placement programs at your institution, CONTACT US

Successful Graduate Membership

Understand internships and how to get one

find job

Find out who you are and what you can contribute

Research and select internships that are most relevant for you

Learn how to apply for your selected internships

Perfect your internship application

Prepare for your internship interview

Establish your internship learning outcomes

Manage the relationships that you establish during your internship

Learn how to transfer your internship experience to the job market

Understand how to develop your professional network

Ensure your resume includes the soft skills gained from your internship

Learn how to potentially turn your internship into a paid job


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