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Student Lifecycle

Video tutorials by students for students

We engage amazing students with high quality acting skills to deliver our materials, making our video delivery an easy student-student interaction.

Your branded platform will deliver employability training courses that support students across each stage of the student lifecycle.

Many clients put their Successful Graduate platform to work initially to incentivise student acquisition. Our Pre-Departure Course for International Students is the perfect demonstration of your value proposition to future students. Simply deliver a course coupon to students who meet your criteria and our platform will deliver a complete microcredential under your brand that will encourage the student to enrol with your institution.



By incentivising students to complete one of our microcredentials under your brand, you will demonstrate your value proposition, engaging with them multiple times, even if they are offshore. Choose from several courses to best suit the needs of your marketing campaign and student acquisition strategy.



The Pre-Departure Course for International Students consists of 8 online modules in total, with 4 – 7 units per module. Students can take the course on any device at their own pace. Each module is designed to prepare international students for their study abroad journey, and will support student recruitment, orientation and retention initiatives.



We recommend providing students with access to our Finding Part-Time Work While Studying Course, as another incentive to achieve confirmation of enrolment with your institution. The course is video and infographic rich, providing students with a step-by-step approach about how to find part-time or casual work while studying. This course is 6 Modules long, with between 4 – 9 Units of material per Module.

During Studies


Our Successful Intern Course teaches students how to apply their personal traits, soft skills and hard skills to develop professional and meaningful internship applications to employers. Some clients ask us to customise the Successful Intern Course to suit the needs of mandatory work integrated learning placements for certain academic cohorts. The course then helps students to unpack the employability skills they have developed during their placement, and apply them directly to job applications.



Our signature and award-winning Successful Graduate Course has been designed to help each student put it all together! This Course will provide your students with a step-by-step guide to help them have the confidence and skills to enter the job market. The Course has been designed to teach students how to navigate the job application lifecycle. They will know more about who they are, what their strengths are, and how to pursue personal development throughout their career. Employers are looking for graduates who know their personality types, can answer questions about their soft skills, who can fit into an existing team, who can demonstrate that they are confident and resilient, and who can demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence. We will help your students to create a professional resume, a professional LinkedIn profile, master our tested interview techniques, identify their own innate employability skills and core values, prepare for their first day on the job and much more.

Masters Students & Alumni


The 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Course has been designed to teach final year students, graduates and alumni the key to career success, no matter what stage they are at in the leadership life cycle. This program is designed for all – whether participants are a business owner, executive leader, or an emerging leader.

Our full course list covers our comprehensive range of student employability courses.

Designed to support student employability across the entire student lifecycle, the list is always growing, so check back again soon for more.

Some new courses:

Soft skills course range

Self-Leadership Course

Academic Readiness Course