An enthusiastic and obviously talented animator applying for a job has created an interactive CV for himself using Super Mario as inspiration.

New York-based “multidisciplinary designer” Robbie Leonardi has turned his resume link into a full-on interactive world that allows an employer to steer the Super Mario-like character through a bright and happy wonderland of skills, work experience and awards. It begins with the brightly-dressed character standing in front of bright blue sky and grassy hills (presumably outside New York) and, as you scroll your mouse, he runs and jumps through a variety of levels until you arrive at a contact form.

applying for a job as super MarioSince the resume was picked up by social media, Leonardi – who works for Fox News in New York and has won a swag of awards for his work – has spent a lot of time on Twitter answering questions about his efforts.

Check out Robbie’s brilliant CV here.

If you don’t have the animation and web skills that Leonardi has, do not despair! If nothing else, his resume highlights the importance of  building a portfolio about yourself that stands out from the rest. For most students and graduates, when it comes to applying for a job, the employer will be seeking a written resume or CV from you.

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