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Successful Graduate welcomes TAFE Queensland students

A big welcome to TAFE Queensland students. Successful Graduate is pleased to provide you with your employment preparation training.

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Successful Graduate materials help TAFE Queensland students and graduates to beat the competition when it comes to looking for work.

We recommend that you purchase our Premium Membership package, so you can enjoy 12 months of access to the Successful Graduate Course as well as our entire Knowledge Bank.

Successful Graduate Premium Membership
$199 provides you with unlimited access to the entire Successful Graduate course for 12 months.
Bundled with the complete Successful Graduate Knowledge Bank


Our clients identify their soft skills, emotional intelligence, core values, personality type and unique value proposition. We help you become prepared to enter the workforce smoothly.

By taking the Successful Graduate course, you will learn how to prepare resumes and job applications based on marketing your own unique value proposition. Course outcomes include a professional LinkedIn profile, tidied social media profiles, resume and cover letters and much more.

Don’t get left behind. Start your Successful Graduate journey today.

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our Successful Graduate Packs.

We know how busy life can be when you are studying. Our Successful Graduate Packs are smaller training courses that focus in on key topics related to your employment preparation. If you don’t feel up to taking the entire Successful Graduate Course, then these packs are just right for you!




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