The TAFE Queensland Successful Graduate Course has been designed to guide students through the job application process, preparing them for employment.

TAFE Queensland provided 100 free registrations for current students to trial the product.

The trial has now closed. Thankyou to all staff and students who participated.

TAFE Queensland students who participated in the trial were surveyed.

  • 98.15% of students surveyed feel there is a benefit to TAFE students from completing the Successful Graduate course.

  • Exactly the same percentage of students surveyed believe that the Successful Graduate course has helped them to improve their job application skills.

Watch TAFE student responses about the Successful Graduate Course.

Student survey responses included:

“The Successful Graduate course gives students the relevant and important tools to utilise when applying for jobs after graduation. It complements every course that TAFE Queensland offers.”

“The Successful Graduate course will benefit other TAFE students as it provides extremely useful tips to those who have never had a job or are wanting to expand their knowledge on applying and preparing for a job.”

“The Successful Graduate course is a detailed course that walked me through from beginning to end, taking away that nervousness of applying for jobs. It is so helpful, and gave me the confidence to prepare, apply, interview and and hopefully soon start a job.”

“It was incredibly insightful and helpful and prepared me for future job prospects.”

“They should try this course because they will know exactly what they want to be.”

“It prepares you to achieve your career goals by helping you to identify what they are and which ones are your priorities.”

“It’s a course designed to improve your understanding about work after TAFE. It’s done in a easy way to understand with a really nice website.”

“Every year a lot of students at TAFE graduate but some people can’t find jobs because they don’t know how to write a cv or how to find a great job, so I think this course might help students to find a job.”

“Understanding how to apply for jobs and what your strengths are when applying for jobs is very important. By taking your time to go through this course it will really help you in the future.”

“Other TAFE students will benefit from this course by learning how to develop interview skills and what to do after graduating from TAFE.”

“The Successful Graduate Course will give you the skills to create a competitive resume, interview skills and an on-line professional profile.”

“The Successful Graduate course will majorly benefit any area of concern a student my have leading up to or throughout the entire job search, resume and interviewing process, which as a graduate you may come to experience.”

“If you are not 100% confident in the resume or job interview process this course will help you a lot. You will learn how to properly network and gain skills that will improve your confidence as a job seeker.”

“The Successful Graduate Course will be a plus to make sure that, after your TAFE course, you must have a good job. The Successful Graduate Course is the best way to develop one of the most important skills to get a job: self-confidence.”

“I liked the self-awareness that the course provided, including the personality tests available, the tips to guarantee an interview by your written resume and the awareness about social media profiles affecting your reputation among your future employers and co-workers.”