Tips for managing your new job’s workflow (from day 1 to day 180)


Your first day (day 1)


Workflow: Likely to be pretty boring, with induction training galore.


Management tips: Stay alert, soak up as much insight as possible into how the overall organization works, and make sure you know how to find any information you’ll need later (e.g. leave application forms; wifi codes – by the time you need them, you’ll need them fast!)


Your first week (to day 7)


Workflow: Likely to involve introductory tasks.  Compared to the high level critical thinking that’s been expected of you at college, they may seem a little basic.


Mangement tips: Take your time, do these tasks as close to perfectly as you can, and make an effort to look for learnings specific to your role. Your manager and colleagues will definitely notice if they need to correct your rushed work!


Your first month (to 30 days)


Workflow: Likely to involve the start of your first full project allocated to you. May seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll also bring fresh new ideas to it. Treat it as a series of tasks, and monitor your timelines.


Your first six months (to day 180)


Workflow: And then as you start to settle in, the phone starts to ring, and your email inbox grows, and you’re asked to help out with another emergent project…welcome to the reality of the workplace.


Management tip: Here’s where you need to stay calm, and go back to basics. Make a to-do list , and reprioritise it daily and weekly. Liaise with your manager and colleagues about any timelines that concern you. Work a little longer when it’s absolutely necessary, but establish a healthy work-life balance early. And don’t forget to make time in your days for your fresh ideas – they’re a big part of why you were hired!



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