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What is employability training?

At Successful Graduate we take graduate career preparation seriously.

While there will always be job-specific skills that an employer is looking for, most recruiters will also want you to have some general skills. These general job skills are sometimes called “employability skills” or “soft skills”. Employability training identifies the job candidate’s employability skills, combines them with improved self-awareness, and prepares them for their graduate job search.

Having employability skills can help you get a job. They can also help you stay in a job and work your way to the top. If you land a job interview, chances are you’ll be asked questions about your job-specific skills and your employability skills.

The opportunities ahead seem both endless and elusive, making it incredibly challenging to identify and build a career path that you will thrive in. If you just want someone to tell you how you can actually find a job, you have come to the right place.

Right now you might feel like you’re one of many graduates who are competing for the same position. This course will give you the career competency and competitive edge that you need to confidently pursue your own pathway to graduate success.  Your graduate skills will be packaged to offer the skills that employers are looking for. If you are motivated to learn how to get a job after graduation, we can’t wait to get started with you.


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It is important to understand that while it is taking new graduates and students slightly longer to find work than in previous years, unemployment should not be a long-term concern for you. Getting a degree is not just about the first job after university; it’s about a life-time of opportunity in the labour market as well as the potential for huge personal growth.

Employers often identify graduates, even those with internship experience, as having mainly cognitive skills. Few graduates have the ability to apply well rounded soft skills in the work setting. There is growing concern around the world that existing undergraduate programmes are not producing graduates with appropriate life-long learning skills necessary for their careers. Interestingly most employers consider an understanding of a candidate’s social and emotional intelligence skills and personality type to be more important than their degree qualification.




Graduate employability training

Most people carry highly tuned cognitive skills at the time of graduation, but understandably, do not have many of these well-developed ‘employability skills’ or ‘soft skills’  which would enable them to maintain motivation, confidence, relevance of perceived knowledge, and the significance of the learning experience they have undertaken in a job-seeking context.

In other words, the majority of graduates around the world will benefit from Successful Graduate membership.

We know life is busy, so wherever possible, we’ve done all the background work for you – and just a genuine commitment to completing each module of the Successful Graduate course will deliver the greater self-awareness that you need to gain graduate employment. Using our employability training resources, you will create a carefully curated selection of outputs that can be dropped straight into a range of your job-seeking communications.  Most importantly, they’ll be written by you (with our steady guidance), so they’ll be truly authentic.