What is professional branding?

Professional Branding

What’s professional branding? 3 tips on how you can use LinkedIn to help build yours.

Author: Annabel Sullivan, Strategic Social Profiles

It’s probably easier for us to understand professional branding when we think about what a brand can do for a business.

A brand can

  • help potential customers identify and recognise the products and services of a business
  • it’s what makes a business different and stand out from its competitors
  • it helps customers know what to expect from a business and to connect with them in a meaningful way
  • it helps them build trust with stakeholders
  • it underpins the business strategy and their direction
  • a brand helps grow a business
  • in short – it pretty much does everything!

So when you think about it, what a company hopes to achieve from professional branding is no different to what individuals want.

As you’re about to finish your studies and embark on the early stages of your career – you want your professional branding to be doing pretty much everything for you as well.

  • you want it to build and reflect your professional reputation
  • you want to be recognised, to stand out from the competition, and to stand out from other potential candidates
  • to be known for your expertise, your thought-leadership, your experience and achievements
  • you want to build a network of contacts

As individuals, especially as graduating university students, you don’t have the same marketing budgets as businesses to build a brand. There are, however, some simple and effective ways you can start to build your professional branding.  This blog will focus on using LinkedIn to help you do that.

Why LinkedIn?  It’s the largest professional social media network in the world.  It’s made up of like-minded individuals, people you went to school or university with, those you met through your part-time uni job and people from your future company or industry of choice.

3 tips on how you can use LinkedIn to help build yours

1.Ensure you have one and make sure it’s fully set up. If you do these 5 things you’re going to be ahead of others: Complete Contact Details; a tailored summary; an effective headline; skills that reflect your expertise and don’t forget to add a professional photo.  Our business Strategic Social Profiles have helped hundreds of clients create professional profiles – if you’re finding it too hard get in touch to complete your own we’d love to help.

2.According to jobvite 93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to search for candidates. So to ensure you make the right first impression: include your volunteer, or professional work positively; check your spelling and engage on-line appropriately.

3.Use it to research people, jobs, industries and insights. Before you head off to that interview – view the LinkedIn profile of the person that’s interviewing you and their company page.  Join a group or a LinkedIn Influencer that aligns with your career aspirations.  You may just find some useful information that will help you stand out from other candidates.

We all know we do everything on line these days – date, buy food, clothes, holidays ….so it makes perfect sense that we use the online platforms that are available to us to help us build our professional brand.   It makes sense for us to have social media profiles.

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Annabel SullivanAnnabel Sullivan wears a few different hats and has created a portfolio career because variety is something she thrives on. Director at Strategic Social Profiles; Sessional Academic at The University of Queensland and Industry Consultant.

Her business Strategic Social Profiles combines her twenty-five year sales, marketing and management experience with her growing social media expertise to help people and businesses take advantage of the opportunities changing technologies offer them to build networks and achieve business outcomes.




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