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About Successful Graduate

Established as a limited liability company based in Australia, Successful Graduate Pty Ltd provides employability training solutions to students, graduates, education providers and employers. Take a moment to learn a little more about us.

The venture was formed by its Managing Director Gordon Scott in response to overwhelming consumer and industry demand for student and graduate employability training. The increasing competitiveness of the education sector has placed a higher demand upon education providers to develop career-ready graduates. Of equal importance is the increasing level of competition among graduates for limited graduate positions. Declining economic conditions in many markets have brought about increased competition among graduates.



About Successful Graduate

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Our vision

To become the employability partner of choice for education institutions globally.

The latest and most pressing issue to emerge in the global education sector is how competitive education providers can be in helping their students to get from graduation to employment. To support education providers, students and graduates, Successful Graduate Pty Ltd has recently established and launched www.successfulgraduate.com, an online training platform (and associated reference Knowledge Bank for members) that provides employability training to graduates and students worldwide.

Successful Graduate materials enable students and graduates to bring their soft skills, emotional intelligence, core values, personality type and unique value proposition in line with their academic performance in order to present well-rounded individuals who are capable of entering the workforce smoothly. Students are encouraged to prepare resumes and job applications that are based upon marketing their own unique value proposition, rather than marketing one of the many hollow templated approaches which exist online today. Course outcomes include a professional LinkedIn profile, tidied social media profiles, resume and cover letters and much more.


Our mission

Our mission is simple. Successful Graduate helps students to get from graduation to employment. Faster.


About Successful Graduate



About Successful Graduate

Our values

The corporate values of Successful Graduate Pty Ltd are:

  • We bring integrity to every relationship we develop
  • We are honest in all of our dealings
  • We make the most out of life
  • We want to make a difference
  • We value our independence
  • We thrive when we empower others to reach their potential
  • We believe in working hard to achieve results