The Pre-Departure Course for International Students


The Pre-Departure Course for International Students

Course Outline


Duration: 12 hours

Modules: 8

Materials: Text, Videos, Infographics, Quizzes

Focus: Preparing for student life in Australia, developing a growth mindset, travel checklists, managing accommodation, visa, lifestyle, orientation, transport, financial and wellbeing decisions.

Takeaways: LinkedIn microcredential and Certificate

What is the Pre-Departure Course about?


The Pre-Departure Course for International Students consists of 8 online modules in total, with 4 – 7 units per module. Students can take the course on any device at their own pace. Each module is designed to prepare international students for their study abroad journey to Australia, and will support student recruitment, orientation and retention initiatives. The course is designed to be part of a package of online courses that are offered to students through a co-branded employability training platform, custom-built to support the value proposition of your institution.

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Modules 1-3



The first module introduces priorities around how to feel at home when abroad, such as developing a growth mindset prior to travel, researching internet options, creating agreed ways to stay in touch with family and friends while abroad and developing an intent to integrate with other students and Australian society upon arrival.


Students are guided through a series of pre-departure checklists related to passport and visa information, OSHC, what to pack, arranging travel money, handling travel documentation and considering the arrangements they will need to have a healthy lifestyle while studying in Australia. They are then introduced to what they will expect when arriving in an Australian airport, managing transport and temporary accommodation, maintaining their safety, managing jetlag, checking in with their education provider, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Modules 4 - 6



Here students consider a range of factors that relate to longer term accommodation decisions, such as proximity to study, public transport, budget and security. They explore the different accommodation options available in Australia, and learn about tenants’ rights and responsibilities. We then move on to orientation topics such as lifestyle, culture, public transport options in each Australian State and Territory, on-campus orientation, selecting a class timetable and managing a class shopping list.


By providing deeper insights into Australian culture and multiculturalism, the course helps to set students up for life in Australia. We explain the effects of culture shock and help students to understand the process of adjustment. We also provide a detailed overview of support services that are available to international students in Australia.

Modules 7 & 8



Next we support student work aspirations by providing an overview of how to access part time or casual work, internships and graduate work in Australia. We also help students to understand their working rights and responsibilities in Australia. Students are then taught to prepare a budget, understand their cost of living and income requirements, and how to open a bank account in Australia.


Students are provided with detailed and comprehensive wellbeing and support services, and are once again encouraged to stay connected with their friends and family back home on a regular basis. We introduce concepts of how to find new friends while in Australia, how to manage a work and lifestyle balance and start to build a professional network which may ultimately lead to graduate employment opportunities. We provide a detailed course checklist and certificate to all students who complete the course and pass all quizzes.


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Our course writers are dedicated industry professionals. We only work with course writers who have been there and worked directly with students as international education staff, qualified careers counsellors and academics. You can rest easy, assured that their materials are blended into professional videos, infographics, course workbooks and quizzes that are designed to maximise student learning and outcome. Successful Graduate has been awarded as a global finalist for multiple employability awards. Remember, our mission is to help students enter the world of work faster, while reaching their potential. All courses offer flexible learning frameworks and are WCAG compliant.



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