Case Study - ANU student recruitment

Australian National University




Australian National University

Case Study

The Australian National University (ANU) contracted Successful Graduate to deploy several of our microcredentials to support their international student acquisition process.

ANU is ranked by QS as the #1 university in Australia.

ANU is a member of the Group of Eight – and the only Australian member of the International Alliance of Research Universities.

Successful Graduate supports ANU International Strategy & Future Students Division with international student recruitment and conversion. We provide three microcredentials through different stages of the student acquisition process as incentives to encourage student enrolment conversions with ANU.


Embedded in ANU campaigns.

Successful Graduate microcredentials are being embedded in ANU future student campaigns. ANU incorporates registration links to our courses within different stages of these campaigns. For instance, two of the courses (The Academic Readiness Course and the Finding Part-time Work Course) are offered via the ANU ‘Accept now’ eDM campaign, which is for current offer holders. The Pre-Departure Course for International Students is subsequently provided in the ANU ‘On-boarding email campaign’.

Academic Readiness Microcredential

The Academic Readiness Microcredential teaches new students about the academic requirements of the Australian education system.

It is designed to support students with their decision to study in Australia, while preparing them for a more rewarding study experience.

Finding Part-Time Work Microcredential

The Finding Part-Time Work Microcredential prepares students to find part-time or casual work while maintaining a work / study balance.

The course is suitable for students who need to cover living expenses and other costs or are seeking to gain job skills while studying. Used to support student acquisition and retention strategies.

Pre-Departure Course for International Students

This course prepares enrolled students for student life in Australia, developing a growth mindset, travel checklists, managing accommodation, visa, lifestyle, orientation, transport, financial and wellbeing decisions.

Each module is designed to prepare international students for their study abroad journey to Australia, and will support student recruitment, orientation and retention initiatives.

Incentivising student acquisition.

Reinforcing the client’s value proposition.

Preparing students for arrival in Australia.