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Our courses are available to your students off-the-shelf, and can be customised to suit particular cohorts, countries and academic disciplines. We are happy to add your own content to our existing material.

The Pre-Departure Course for International Students

The Academic Readiness Course

The Successful Intern Course

The Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Course

Perhaps you'd like a bespoke course for your students?

The Finding Part-Time Work While Studying Course

The Successful Graduate Course

The Successful High School Graduate Course

The 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Course


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Pre-Departure Course for International Students


The Pre-Departure Course forInternational Students consistsof 8 online modules in total, with 4 – 7 units per module. Students can take the course on any device at their own pace. Each module is designed to prepare international students for their study abroad journey, and will support student recruitment, orientation and retention initiatives.

The course is designed to bepart of a package of online courses that are offered to students through a co-branded employability training platform, custom-built to support the value proposition of your institution.

Written by education and career professionals.

We outsource course development through peak industry bodies to ensure that our materials are current, relevant and professionally prepared.

Learning tools included in our courses.

Through-out each module there are videos, case studies, infographics, and takeaways. At the end of each module, students must pass a quiz, to ensure they have grasped the content of the module.

Employability theme throughout all courses.

As we grow our course list and focus upon delivering materials that continue to complement your institution’s education framework, we maintain an employability theme in all of our courses. Our products provide job-related skills to your students.

Student Testimonial

Watch Yanish’s testimonial about our TAFE Queensland Job Readiness Program solution, which supported this client to win the Australian Training Awards International Training Provider of the Year category: