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Can your future students and alumni access your institution’s student services function? Odds are that they can’t, and you’re missing out on huge student engagement opportunities. Use our employability, academic preparation and pre-departure training under your brand to incentivise student enrolments. Successful Graduate delivers client-branded student preparation training platforms, developing academic, pre-departure and employability skills at scale, across the entire student lifecycle. Consider your Successful Graduate platform as a white-labelled plug-in that adds these skills to your student value proposition.

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Our value proposition is that we better prepare your students for success.

And we've won a global award for the results that our value proposition has brought to our clients.

Our employability grant

We deeply believe in paying it forward.

What better way to do this than to reward innovative projects that are designed to support student employability?

Successful Graduate and Edified team up each year to provide an employability grant to the most worthy student submissions. This year, we have awarded Ngutu College, an independent, not-for-profit, socially-just college in Woodville North, South Australia. Ngutu provides opportunities for young people to achieve success through positive academic, vocational and community outcomes with Aboriginal cultures at the soul. The college is committed to nurturing the holistic development of its children and young people, and the Ngutu café project aligns with this mission by offering practical training experience to disadvantaged young people and parents in the areas of food service, customer service, and retail.

They are renovating an existing school building into a social enterprise; an onsite café and shop selling ethically produced food and other products produced by young people and parents to support pathways towards qualifications and employment. Funding provided by Successful Graduate and Edified will enable the young people to have the training to become qualified Baristas.

Benefits for your institution:

Consider a Successful Graduate installation as a plugin that adds to your institution’s value proposition.
Teach your students real-world employability skills.
Your portal, your brand and brand guidelines.
Training that works. 98% student approval rating.
Support student acquisition, retention and graduate outcomes.
Meet National Microcredentials Framework standards.

Students expect their institution to deliver employability skills.

Now you can have your own branded employability training portal. Imagine the impact to your student value proposition.

Incentivise student acquisition.

Support student retention.

Deliver job-ready graduates.

Imagine the impact to your value proposition

  • All students taught employability skills
  • High School Graduate Preparation, Academic Preparation, Pre-Departure, Finding Part-Time Work, Internship Preparation, Finding Graduate Work, Soft Skills Development, Leadership Development
  • Online, at scale, on any device
  • Enable students to engage with your brand PRIOR to enrolling with your institution
  • Ongoing employability development across the student lifecycle, supporting student retention
  • All training courses deliver micro-credentials for LinkedIn
  • Use for student acquisition incentive, student retention, graduate employment, alumni support and employability ranking improvement

Our Course List

Our courses are available to your students off-the-shelf, and can be customised to suit particular cohorts, countries and academic disciplines. We are happy to add your own content to our existing material.

The Pre-Departure Course for International Students

The Academic Readiness Course

The Successful Intern Course

The Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Course

Perhaps you'd like a bespoke course for your students?

The Finding Part-Time Work While Studying Course

The Successful Graduate Course

The Successful High School Graduate Course

The 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Course


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